"frequently asked questions"

Campers and Parents

Question: What does a day at camp look like?

Answer: Each morning we have worship (led by our very own worship band), a message from the clergy and small group time when two Counselors lead activities and discussions to unfold the day’s theme. Each full day includes three meals, “rest period” after lunch to recharge, “free time” before dinner to explore individual interests and campfire to close each night. Daily activities are outlined by the Directing Team to provide a balance of fun, learning, and exploration of faith.

Question: Is there financial assistance available for the registration fee?

Answer: Yes, the National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus offers scholarships to campers each year. The scholarship application will be available at the same time as camper registration

Question: What if I’ve never been to church before or I’m still exploring my faith?

Answer: The daily themes and messages are directed for the High School and early college aged audience, and all of our staff work together to meet people wherever they may be in their faith journey. Asian American Summer Camp provides a comforting environment for self-reflection and the openness to share and discuss any questions you may have and we hope you have many!

Question: What if I’ve never been away from home before?

Answer: Asian American Summer Camp is the first time for many campers to be away from home. The love and comfort of being at camp often relieves feelings of homesickness, but we understand that overnight camp can be difficult for the first time, so our Counselors fully participate in each activity alongside campers. With a 2:1 ratio of children to staff members, the directors and adult staff are always available to address any concern. Many of us camp veterans would express that camp is where we feel most at home, and actually being away from the norm gives us the space for personal growth and exploration.

Question: How can I contact my child at camp?

Answer: We encourage relatives and friends to send campers mail throughout the week (this is actually one of our favorite camp traditions! The camp address can be found in the registration packet). However, to fully experience each moment of camp and with limited service, we discourage phone usage throughout the day. If service allows, campers are welcome to check in with their parents before going to sleep. In case of an emergency, the direct phone line to the campsite/Directors is always available.

Question: What can I expect to get out of camp?

Answer: Regardless of your religious background, you will be able to leave camp with a greater understanding of God’s unconditional love and thought-provoking challenges for individual growth. Our hope is that you will grow spiritually and learn what it means to be a child of God. We hope that you will find the same comfort and support system many of us have found in camp that reaches far beyond the one week of camp.

Question: What if I don’t know anyone else going to camp this year?

Answer: That’s totally okay as many of us have met our lifelong best friends through camp. You will have the opportunity to meet almost everyone at camp throughout the week, starting as soon as you get there. Coming from all different areas of the West Coast, it’s not uncommon to go into camp not knowing anyone and leaving with new friends and often relationships founded on deep and meaningful connections. The term “Camp Family” is true for all those who attend and share in this week-long experience. The Camp Family actually came together to celebrate a multi-generational recognition of 40 years of Asian Camp love and ministry.

Question: What can I do about medications or any special assistance I may need?

Answer: We always have a Camp Nurse on site 24/7 to address any medical needs. The Camp Nurse facilitates medication daily to the campers and the entire directing team and Camping Board will do whatever we can to provide any necessary special assistance.

Question: Who can I contact to get more information about Camp?

Answer: The emails for the Directing Team are listed on the contact tab and also on the camper application. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Question: Can I bring my favorite electronics to camp?

Answer: We do understand that travelling to and from camp can be a trip, and a lot of campers bring their electronics with them while traveling. We try to encourage the campers to bond with one another during their free time and cabin reflections. We do allow them to use music playing devices during sleeping times if it is needed to get rest. But we suggest not to bring to many valuable items during the week of camp.

Question: What activities are there to do during Free Time?

Answer: Each day the campers will have the opportunity to have some free time after most of the daily activities. At Camp Lodestar there is a swimming pool, basketball court, ping pong tables, and playground. Also during this time the Staff and Counselors will have other activities and crafts for campers to do. During this time we encourage the campers to relax, mingle and enjoy this time to experience different things with new and old friends.

Question: What is the difference between Junior High Camp and Asian American Summer Camp?

Answer: Junior High Camp is aimed for the ages of the Junior High grades from incoming 6th Graders to incoming 9th Graders. JHC is programmed to help campers explore the beginning of their faith journey. Asian Camp seeks to help High Schoolers and Young Adult college students think more deeply about their spirituality and experience their faith in a context that’s relevant to them. During Asian Camp the staff will be leading and organizing programs such as the Social Justice Program and Asian American Identity Program, which both change year to year, to provide a learning and knowledgeable experience about the different times in the World and other cultures.

Question: Can I bring a friend with me to camp?

Answer: Yes friends are welcome and encouraged! Better yet, print your friend his/her application for them!

Question: Do I need to be Asian to attend camp?

Answer: No you do not have to be Asian. We are open and accepting of people of all ethnicities. The name of camp carries a long-standing history. For more information about the origin of the “Asian American Summer Camp” name please refer to the “About” tab on our website.